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Top Ten Formula 1 Drivers of the 1990s

You wont believe who made our top 10 drivers in F1 during the 1990s!

10. Jean Alesi

With only a single win to his name the Frenchman was a hit with the tifosi during his tennure at Ferrari, however it was his aggressive driving style that helped him to over 30 podiums throughout his career. His single race win for Ferrari may had been far more had be stuck with his original signing team Williams, who went on to great success in the 90s. By the late 90s Alesi had built a reputation as a solid point scorer, helping bring the Sauber into the points on occassion. It was 1998 that his last podium was scored, 32 of them in total.

9. David Coulthard

Debuting for Williams after the horror of Imola 1994 David Coulthard priced he was every bit as talented as team had hoped. In 1995 the Scot was able to take his first pole and race win in the improved FW17B but the majority of his success would come in the following years with rival team McLaren. Coulthard finished second and third on two occassions in the drivers championship in the back half of the 90s partnering Mika Hakkinen.

8. Jacques Villeneuve

Having competed in 2 seasons of the American CART series in 1994 and 1995 and taken a championship and Indianapolis 500 win in the latter, Villeneuve came into F1 in 96 as a rookie, however driving for the at-the-time powerhouse Williams team vistories weren’t far away. After winning the drivers championship in 97 the Canadian results were thin on the ground in the 98 season, and even less so with moves to BAR and finally Sauber. There was no doubting his speed though, gaining his final podium in the BAR in 1999. Villeneuve, like his father, had left a dent in F1.

7. Gerhard Berger

The Austrian almost never made it past his first season in F1, however some strong early seasons set him up for a highly anticipated drive for McLaren partnering Senna. Wins and podiums followed and Bergers’ strong race craft meant drives for Ferrari and Benetton came later in the 90s. Berger was on par with any of his team mates bar Senna, whose race pace was always superior. However Berger was never far from the front in the 90s.

6. Alain Prost

Alain Prost won 4 world drivers championships, the last in 1993 and his only during the decade. While the Frenchman retired at the end of the 1993 season his mark on the sport was felt for years. Prosts’ methodical aproach to is racing earned him the nickname The Professor. He is the only driver to have won races driving for four different teams.

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