Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

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Alfa Romeo are the title sponsors of the Sauber based Formula 1 entry. The C38B is powered by Ferrari.

Team History

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN are based in Hinwil, Zurich, Switzerland. Alfa Romeo first started to compete in Formula 1 during the pre-war period and won 2 drivers championships in 1950 and 1951, after which they withdrew from racing. During the 1960’s their engines were used as the basis for other constructors. During the 1970s they supplied factory engines to various teams with mixed success and then in 1979 they once again entered as a factory team. Success did not come their way and they once agin withdrew until 2017 when Alfa announced they would be returning for Formula 1, becoming the naming rights sponsors of Sauber.

Sauber was founded in 1970 (as PP Sauber AG) by Peter Sauber and ran under its own name in Formula 1 from 1993 – 2018. In 2001, Sauber brought a virtually unknown and very inexperienced Kimi Räikkönen into Formula One. While Kimi would go on to drive for Mclaren and Ferrari (winning a championship with the latter), the Finn has returned to his roots and never looked back.

Saubers’ links with Ferrari, who supply the Swiss based team with engines, dates back to 1997.

Kimi Räikkönen (7)

Antonio Giovinazzi (99)

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