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2 Guys, 1 Grievance

The idea started in 2020 when the world and the Formula 1 season was ground to a halt. Two mates from Australia were discussing their displeasure at having the results of Formula 1 races spoiled before being able to watch them on replay. 

As fathers of young children and being situated on the other side of the world (Australia) we were rarely able to watch races live. We dreamt of the day we’d be able to scroll through our social media feeds and not see the result of the previous nights’ race, or even having the option to scroll past it without the result being known. 

F1Beat was born from the need to have #nospoilers.

Get up-to-date F1 session times, weather and original Formula 1 content without the spoilers. You wont find race or championship results on our home page. All social media posts with race results will come with an alert to pre-warn you.